About Us

Swine Eleven was founded by Wesley Bourne in 2018, we are an enthusiast owned brand focused on creating automotive products and high-quality apparel for the discerning owner.  With over 2 decades of experience in the motorsports industry, the last 10+ years involved an obsessed focus on the Porsche brand and exercising the cars as they were intended.  When we release a product or apparel you can rest assured that we've spent countless hours obsessing over every last detail so that you don't have to. 

Why Swine Eleven?  

My favorite race car is the Porsche 917/20, aka Bertha or the Pink Pig, its' iconic livery combined with its one-off aerodynamics.  The livery itself was the result of the engineers and designers having fun and enjoying parody after the cars sponsor didn't want their logos on such a porker of a car.  Swine Eleven started as a fun play on words based on the most iconic sports car, the 911.  Cars are meant to be fun; Enjoy the process and earning some grime, patina and incredible friendships along the way.  It also doesn't hurt that we really love BBQ and Bacon.