Swine Eleven ReBoot 964 993 Shift Boot Trim Panel

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The Swine Eleven Re-Boot is a solution for Porsche 964 and 993 owners looking to update their shifter or shift knob allowing the factory integrated boot to be removed.  This solution is great for those looking to replicate a “Singer Style” shift boot, or those who have installed a short shifter with an integrated knob.  Designed in CAD and verified through multiple 3D printed physical units obsessing over ever small detail before reaching the final unit seen here.  These panels are produced in ABS Plastic utilizing an injection, the same process used by Porsche to produce the existing trim pieces in the original interior. 

  • Designed and tested in CAD
  • Produced from Injection Molded ABS 
  • Paintable for a bespoke look
  • Secures using pressure and existing boot clips
  • Completely Reversible, No hardware required
  • Designed and Produced in USA by Enthusiasts

We’ve taken great care to attempt to match the existing color and finish, however some variations may be present as a result of discolorations to the OEM panels over time.  

The lower rubber boot or shift bellow is not included, however since the Re-Boot utilizes the original rubber shift bellow, one is already installed in your 964 or 993 from the factory beneath the center console.  If your boot is in poor shape, we offer OEM replacements in the store to save shipping.  Prior to install we recommended inspecting, cleaning and protecting the boot prior to installing to help preserve the finish.