OEM Porsche 964 / 993 Replacement Rubber Shift Bellow

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If you're installing the Re-Boot, your original Shift Bellow will show through the boot by design making it important to have a clean and well protected boot.   Over time these boots can deteriorate so we recommend inspection your original one in advance, this can be done simply by loosening the factory shift boot and inspecting the condition of the rubber below.   

 We've sourced these items in bulk from our local Porsche dealer so you don't have to.  We try to be as competitive as possible on the pricing and keep these items in stock to supply both items in one shot from us and save on shipping.  In an effort to save time and improve aesthetics for the end user installing our ReBoot shifter kit, all bellows purchased from Swine Eleven will come pre-cleaned of their mold release powder with a uv protectant