Porsche 964 Carrera RS Skateboard Art Deck - Rubystone Red

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The word PTS is often thrown around in the water-cooled world to describe unique colors, what about the cars that originally adorned these colors?  The Porsche 964 was released with a number of eye-catching colors to celebrate its launch, we've chosen 3 of our favorite colors and marked them with the paint code and colors to launch a series celebrating the best of rare shades.  The 964 Carrera RS board was designed by one of the best automotive and livery creators Wes at Motive Artworks and is available in 3 color ways; Mint Green, Rubystone, and Maritime Blue.

Produced from American Maple, these boards are 7-Ply thick, Size 8 and perfect for hitting the streets or displaying proudly on your wall.  

This is a limited run, we currently have 1/2 of the batch on hand with the other inbound, if you miss the initial run fear not backorders should ship in 2 weeks.

Note : Rubystone and Mint are quite popular, Shipment 1 sold out, we're allowing them to be ordered, but be advised B2 is 2-3 weeks out and if these colors are in your order we will bulk ship them at that time.

(International Customers - Due to dimensional weights we do our best to provide accurate shipping quotes through the calculator, but some adjustments might be required post checkouts, we will notify you if thats' the case and do our best to keep shipping costs as low as possible).