Porsche 991 RSR Skateboard Deck - Pink Pig Tribute Livery

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This skateboard pays homage to LeMans wining 991 RSR in the Pink Pig Livery.   We've been quite fond of this livery since seeing the iconic Truffle Hunting 917 in the Porsche Museum, the throw back 991 RSR wining LeMans only added to its legacy.  (Plus with a name like Swine Eleven how could we not include this on the initial drop).

Produced from American Maple, these boards  7-Ply thick, Size 8 and perfect for hitting the streets or displaying proudly on your wall.  

Sold Out / Low Inventory:  Due to the pandemic the skateboard industry is experiencing significant production delays.   We have forecasted inventory but are currently backordered on a number of boards as a result of the delay in production.  If a board on your order is out of stock, we will backorder out of stock boards, allocate inventory on the in-stock decks and ship the order in its entirety when all boards are in stock.  (EST LATE SEPTEMBER)  

(International Customers - Due to dimensional weights we do our best to provide accurate shipping quotes through the calculator, but some adjustments might be required post checkouts, we will notify you if thats' the case and do our best to keep shipping costs as low as possible).